About Us

Clark and Melinda Vaughn and their two young children, Phillip and Lesley, were living in Mammoth Lakes, CA, when they decided to accompany fellow members of Church on the Mountain in Crowley Lake on a two-week mission team trip to Ecuador in 1988. While in Quito, the Vaughn’s were impressed with a spiritual calling from God to move to Ecuador to “love His people.”  Two years later, the Vaughn’s had sold their home and Clark’s law practice, packed up eight large suitcases and had purchased four one-way tickets to Quito, Ecuador.

The Vaughn’s first became a foster family for children needing specialized care from other institutions in Quito. They opened their arms to premature infants and malnourished and neglected children. FHC and the Vaughn family soon became known for their willingness to care for children with moderate to severe special physical and/or cognitive needs. An important part of the ministry still, today over one-third of the children at FHC have moderate to severe special needs. The majority of the children admitted to FHC have been abandoned.

The ministry has grown since the Vaughn’s moved to Ecuador in 1990. Hundreds of children have passed through the doors of FHC, receiving the love and support of its highly trained staff. The family-like environment in the homes is warm, bright and cheerful.

FHC works diligently to reunite each child with his or her birth family if possible, and to avoid abandonment. However, the majority of the children at FHC will find their forever family via national and international adoption. The children who have not been adopted because of their severe special needs will remain under the care of FHC.

FHC provides encouragement and hope, helping each infant and child to know that God loves them and that He has a plan and a future for them.