2851 (4)When my family and I moved from California to Ecuador in 1990, we envisioned For His Children as a small ministry providing the best care to a small number of children in a clean, bright and loving environment. And that’s the way it was for some years – we cared for children in our home, often sharing the kitchen, washing machine and bathroom with a couple of Tías.

Multi-tasking was the order of the day then; in addition to raising our own family, we were guiding and supervising a growing staff, overseeing the children’s medical care, accompanying them to doctor appointments, and supervising their diet, therapy and schooling. We interacted with the welfare department, police department, courts, hospitals and the public, reviewed the children’s legal paperwork, and wrote the FHC newsletter. Clark was the plumber, electrician and handyman, bookkeeper, fundraiser and tour guide in those early days, and I was psychologist, social worker, secretary, therapist and director. It was a lot to handle, and it often consumed us. But we were young, full of passion, and excited – it was fulfilling the longing and desire that God put in our hearts.

I mastered very few of the responsibilities I used to carry at FHC; the experience gave me a great appreciation for the staff we have today. They are trained, educated, experienced and have infinitely more patience. My husband used to say (and I agree) that our staff does our jobs so much better, more creatively and effectively than we ever did. And we used to wonder if FHC could survive without the Vaughns. It can, and it does – beautifully.

I am now sole Director of FHC since Clark passed away in 2012. I have a desk job now with FHC, and make several trips a year to Ecuador. I work on the never-ending responsibilities of fundraising and sharing the mission of FHC, discovering that I am no more skilled and prepared for these jobs than I was at founding and directing a children’s home.

I look back at the years since FHC was founded in 1990, and deeply appreciate all who have lovingly contributed to making the ministry what it is today. I marvel at how this ministry has grown and changed over the years, and how it continues to be an instrument for God to heal children and families.

Our supporters, friends, donors, volunteers, team members and family have been the greatest encouragement to the ministry. They give the most precious commodities: time, love and caring. From my heart: thank you for working together to bless and care for His children.

–Melinda Vaughn