Meet Our Staff

For His Children – Ministry Operations in the United States


Melinda Vaughn


Melinda Vaughn

Founder and Director

In 1990, Melinda and her husband, Clark, followed a spiritual calling from God to move to Ecuador and “love his people.” Starting as a foster family, For His Children eventually grew to two Homes caring for nearly fifty children at a time. After Clark’s passing in 2012, Melinda has carried on as FHC’s Director, where she maintains and creates vital connections to donors, acts as Board liaison for both the Ecuadorian and American Boards and oversees staff and key decisions on the future of the organization. Read more.


Jerry Mogab


Jerry processes all donations made online and by mail and corresponds regularly with donors in response to donations and to assist with the donation process. He handles accounts payable for all expenses and payroll associated with FHC’s US operations and provides required financial reports and records to FHC’s board and accounting professionals to assist them in their work for FHC.


Jennifer Schneider

Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer has been working at FHC since 2009. Her responsibilities include overseeing international volunteers, planning and coordinating short-term team visits, and fundraising for FHC. Jen also works with Anna on the Sponsorship programs. Jennifer lives on-site at FHC-Quito.


Anna Ioakimedes

Communications and Development Coordinator

Anna lives in California, and has worked with FHC since 2012. She runs FHC’s Child Sponsorship and Tia Sponsorship Programs, writing updates to sponsors and handling inquiries. She also drafts and formats our monthly e-newsletter and other communications and coordinates FHC’s fundraising campaigns. In general, she’s always promoting our program and keeps it running smoothly and efficiently.


Kaleigh Anderson

Administrative Assistant

Kaleigh started working with FHC in 2013 but has been involved with the organization for much longer – three of her sisters were adopted from FHC! Kaleigh helps manage the FHC newsletter requests, send out the newsletter via postal mail, helps to manage the FHC database, assists with website updates, and works to gather FHC stories, photos, and information as needed.

Hogar Para Sus Niños – Ministry Operations in Quito, Ecuador



Verónica Rodríguez

National Director

Verónica’s office is the nerve center of the ministry. She began working at FHC in 1999 as a secretary, and her organizational and people skills quickly distinguished her as the ideal person to supervise the office staff, caregivers and other employees. She now handles the labor, legal and financial responsibilities of the homes in Ecuador as well.


Gabriela Salazar


Gabriela coordinates the work of our professional staff, evaluating the effectiveness of our programs and helping to make them as efficient as possible. Gabriela organizes FHC’s annual strategic planning process that includes our Ecuadorian staff. She periodically evaluates the caregivers needs and designs in-service training and education for them. She keeps her eye on our strategic goals and works closely with Verónica.


Pilar Rodríguez

Administrative Assistant

Pilar began working at FHC in 2006. She handles more of those details that drive everyone crazy, but which are so important for the efficiency and effectiveness of FHC’s care of the children. She coordinates our national volunteer program, answers the phones and responds to general inquiries; she assists with ordering and purchasing, she performs general secretarial responsibilities as well as helping with coordinating schedules and organizing staff.


Sandra Calderón

Social Worker

Sandra joined our team in 2011. Her responsibilities include promoting family reunification or adoption, writing social reports, doing home visits, and investigating each child’s case.


Marlene Bracho


Marlene began working at FHC in 2004. She handles payroll and oversees all of our donations and expenses. Marlene also helps to organize each child’s baby book – a photo album that each child receives when he is adopted or reunited with his birth family.


Alexandra Merchán

Child Psychologist

Alexandra has worked at HPSN since January 2014 as our Child Psychologist in Quito. She conducts a psychological evaluation of the children when they arrive at FHC and works with them throughout their time in our care. Her responsibilities include helping children to adjust to their new environment, conducting rehabilitative therapy to help them overcome past traumas and preparing them for family reunification or adoption. She also works with our pre-school teacher, Lorena and the tías to develop fun activities to aid the children’s development and education.


Tania Armijos

Communications Coordinator

Tania manages HPSN’s communications and development within Ecuador. She creates quarterly newsletters, coordinates and arranges visits by local and national media and manages local volunteers. She is also in charge of the Ecuadorian child sponsorship program and other fundraisers held throughout the year.


Lorena Benavides

Preschool Teacher

Lorena has been with FHC Quito since September 2010. She is responsible for organizing and implementing the curriculm and monitoring the progress for all of the younger children at Casa Harlow in Quito. Some of the things Lorena works on with the children include identifying objects in different environments, learning letters, numbers, colors, sizes and shapes, and doing fine motor skill tasks such as stringing beads and sorting objects to develop the children’s coordination.


Juan Carlos Cajo

Physical Therapist

Juan Carlos has been FHC-Quito’s Physical Therapist since 2009. Juan Carlos evaluates each child in terms of their physical development, and designs a program that sets out goals and a plan to reach them. He provides therapy for those children who need extra encouragement and trains and supervises the Tías and other volunteers and staff to enable them to support and reinforce the therapy treatment plan.


Alfredo Verdesoto

Security Guard

Alfredo he has been working at FHC since 2006. His responsibilities include ensuring security of FHC-Quito, general maintenance and upkeep of the grounds, and transportation.

Hogar Para Sus Niños – Ministry Operations in Latacunga, Ecuador



Elizabeth Betancourt


Elizabeth oversees the care of the children, staff and operations at FHC’s home in Latacunga. Her career at FHC started in 2007 when she was hired as a Tía. In 2009, her co-workers gave her their vote of confidence and she was promoted to Administrator at FHC-Latacunga, and is under Verónica’s guidance. She supervises the children’s medical appointments, the preschool and other support staff at FHC-Latacunga, as well as representing FHC in the community.


Margarita Rivera

Administrative Assistant

Margarita works closely with Elizabeth to help keep the Home in Latacunga running smoothly. She schedules and coordinates transportation for medical and other appointments, handles purchasing for medicines, food and other goods for the Home and keeps FHC-Latacunga’s records up-to-date.


Jenny Herrera


Jenny is our tutor for Wilma (age 9), Jofre (age 7) and Xavi (age 6), who have normal intelligence but are physically disabled due to cerebral palsy. In addition to conducting lessons five days a week, Jenny also accompanies each student one day a week to the local elementary school, where the students are partially integrated, to act as an aide.


Andrea Luna

Child Psychologist

Andrea began working November 2012. Her responsibilities include keeping an eye on all the children – their development, behavior, adaptation to the FHC environment, etc. When necessary, she evaluates the children for their legal proceedings. Preparing the children for family reunification or adoption and supporting this process is a very important part of her job. Of course she is also close by when a new child arrives at FHC. She helps organize age-appropriate activities and outings for the children, as well.


Sol Leon

Special Education Teacher

Sol comes twice a week and designs activities, outings and stimulation to benefit and educate our students with intellectual disabilities. In addition to her work as a talented and patient special ed teacher, Sol has another skill she shares with FHC – she is an outgoing entertainer and has helped choreograph and perform several dances and plays at our Open Houses, Christmas parties and other functions.


Walter Quintanilla

Security Guard

Walter has worked for FHC since 2006. He is the first to arrive every morning, and ensures that equipment, machines, pumps, generators, etc. are all working. He does minor maintenance on the buildings and equipment when needed, all the while keeping an eye on the main gate. He provides transportation for the home, driving the children to school, taking the Tías grocery shopping, running miscellaneous errands, and keeps the grounds looking clean and neat.


Staff and Tías at FHC-Latacunga

FHC’s caregivers, or tías, as they are affectionately called in Spanish, are a hard-working group of women of all ages, each caring for a small group of up to five children. The Tías become “moms” to the children and they do everything a mom does and more. Approximately 30 tías are on the schedule at the Quito and Latacunga homes. They work scheduled shifts and are part of our paid staff.

In addition to caring for the children, just like a normal homemaker, the tías have other responsibilities. The tías accompany the children to medical and therapy appointments, school meetings, sometimes taking the children to court appointments with FHC’s social worker, and yes, even on outings and trips around town that provide for some variation in the day to day life at FHC. After the children are asleep, the tías prepare the next day’s meals, and make sure the home is clean and organized. FHC’s tías are a unique and important part of the care FHC provides for the children in our programs.

Tías in Quito:

  • Gloria Castro *
  • Rosa Ganán
  • Jacqueline Guzmán
  • Gladys Imbaquingo *
  • Alexandra Quishpe
  • Maritza Palma *
  • Ana Perugachi
  • María Quinatoa
  • Sandra Rosero
  • Verónica Toaquiza
  • Alicia Tutillo *
  • Mercedes Valencia
  • Nancy Uzho *
  • Jenny Cárdenas
  • Lidia Villacís
  • Jennifer Saldarriaga
  • Enma Espinoza
Tías in Latacunga:

  • Maricela Alarcón
  • Rocío Bastidas
  • Mónica Bonilla
  • Verónica Bonilla
  • Noemí Cajas
  • Ana Chancusing
  • Clara Chicaiza
  • Martha Logroño *
  • Blanca Noroña
  • Patricia Noroña *
  • Vilma Pruna
  • Jessica Quintanilla *
  • Mercedes Simaluisa *
  • Mirian Toaquiza
  • Deisy Toaquiza
  • Lourdes Yánez *
  • Mariana Yánez

*In FHC’s Tia Sponsorship Program