Q: Can I choose the child I would like to sponsor?

A: Yes, when you sign up, you can provide us with the name of a specific child you would like to sponsor. If you don’t know our children, you can specify age, sex, and whether you would like to sponsor a child with normal needs or a child with special needs, and we will assign a child to you that needs a sponsor.

Q: Can I visit my sponsored child, write letters to him/her, or send small gifts?

A: Absolutely! Many sponsors have visited their child at FHC. Our children love receiving letters, cards and small gifts, especially for special events like birthdays and Christmas. If you’d like to send a little package, e-mail us first. Many times we can facilitate the mailing of a small package which will reduce costs and time. Because our children are young, the majority are unable to personally correspond with their sponsor. From time to time the children may send drawings or pictures to their sponsors.

Q: What type of information do the updates include on the child I sponsor?

A: About four times per year, you will receive detailed updates that include pictures and information on how your child is doing. We will share with you about where your child is at in the adoption process, medical updates, as well as like/dislikes, favorite activities, and more.

Q: What happens if the child I am sponsoring is adopted?

A: That means you have prayed and supported your child all the way into the arms of a loving forever family! Job well done! When a child leaves FHC in adoption, we will give you the option of supporting another child at FHC. We will notify you when your child is adopted and will share with you the names of children who are waiting to be sponsored.

Q: Can a group/organization sponsor a child?

A: Yes, families, organizations, clubs, etc. may share in the cost of sponsoring a child. This is a great opportunity for a group project – be it a Sunday school class, Bible study group, or school class.

Q. Do the children have more than one sponsor?

A: Yes, each child has multiple sponsors in order to fully support the cost of the child’s care. All the costs of caring for a child (a nutritious diet, specialized medical attention, physical, language and other types of therapy, an education in an appropriate school environment, etc.) all this and more are possible thanks to our children’s sponsors.

Q. What happens if a child has too many sponsors? What happens to the child who has no sponsors?

A: Our goal is to have each child fully sponsored, so that the average monthly cost of caring for a child will be covered by the child’s sponsors. These costs can vary depending on how many children are cared for at a given time at FHC, the cost of food, medical care, etc.

When a child is fully sponsored, those funds are also utilized in part so that all the children are well taken care of – which is how we make sure that every child’s needs are addressed, even those who do not yet have a sponsor/sponsors.

If at any time the amount of funds received for the Child Sponsorship Program exceed the total monthly cost of FHC’s program expenses, FHC reserves the right to safeguard those excess funds for future ministry (program) needs – always for and in benefit of the children at FHC.