Our ministry

Since 1990, For His Children (FHC) has provided quality care for Ecuadorian children in at-risk situations, such as abandonment or neglect. We work with local authorities and social services to try to reunite the child with his or her birth family. We also help create permanent, loving families through adoption, by way of the government’s national and international adoption programs.

FHC’s services are available to children-in-need from all provinces of Ecuador. Our homes are located in north Quito, in the province of Pichincha, and in south Latacunga, in Cotopaxi province.

Case referrals usually come from the courts, hospitals, clinics, the police department, the welfare offices, and other children’s programs. A case may be referred to FHC for many reasons, including serious economic difficulties, domestic violence, substance abuse, an unsupported pregnancy, or neglect.

All of the things that a loving family represents to a son or daughter – is what we strive to do at FHC:

  • We are attentive to the child’s emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The child is carefully evaluated by our medical and psychology professionals and may be referred to sub-specialties if needed.
  • On-site pre-schools, our special education program, and community schools provide the children with opportunities to learn in an appropriate environment according to their age and abilities. The child’s physical and social development milestones are carefully recorded, and we record the child’s time at FHC with photos and videos, which are very important for the child who may be adopted.
  • Our trained, experienced and supervised caregivers usually care for about five children, which helps encourage individualized attention and the development of important emotional bonds.
  • The homes are clean, warm, bright and colorful.

Casa Esperanza (in Latacunga, Cotopaxi)

Our long-term residential care program, Casa Esperanza, cares for children and youth with important disabilities.

Some of the children in Casa Esperanza are eligible for adoption, but it is difficult to locate families for them. A few of the children are now older than the maximum age to be adopted according to Ecuadorian law. In most cases, the child’s birth family will not accept parental responsibility, usually because the child’s disability will cause economic hardship and social isolation. Casa Esperanza is the permanent home for these older children and teens.

Children in at-risk situations, especially those with disabilities, are among the most vulnerable members of our society. The care provided our children and youth with special needs has been an important part of our ministry since it was founded.

FHC has always dedicated our attention and resources to providing specialized, quality care for children with different abilities, because we believe that every child is unique and precious. We all are called to represent the love of Jesus Christ to the child-in-need. FHC provides encouragement and hope, helping the children to know that God loves them and that He has a plan for their lives.

Our ministry objectives

FHC’s Strategic Objectives were prayerfully developed by our Board of Directors in 2010. While they are updated occasionally, the core themes are very relevant year after year. These objectives help to keep the ministry focused on what is important at FHC.