Adoption Stories

Read about a few of our families’ experiences when adopting through For His Children.

The Misiewicz Family from New York, USA

“If you have it in your heart to do this, don’t hesitate. It may be a year or two out of your life, but it’s their life…it’s their whole life.”

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Wilma and Jofre

The Perry Family: Halle, Devin, Flor, Kim and Jase Perry from Utah, USA

“Flor brings more blessings to our family than I think we bring to her, and we have learned immensely from her.”

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The Braun Family: Candice, Ben, Jack, Mateo and Annie Braun from New York, USA

“It still amazes me how fast our family bonded together. It was something about which we were so nervous and had spent so much time learning about/preparing for — and in the end, it was all just right.”

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The Anderson Family from Georgia, USA

“It is wonderful to be a multi-cultural family and learn more about Ecuador and Hispanic culture.”

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