Get Involved

There are many valuable ways you can support FHC’s ministry.  Whether you are a high school student, a retiree or a busy professional with children, there is a way you can contribute!

Financial Support

Consider becoming a Sponsor through either our Child Sponsorship or Caregiver (Tía) Sponsorship programs.  In return for becoming a regular financial contributor to FHC, you’ll receive updates with pictures and news from the Home and your sponsored child or Tía three times a year.  Visit our Sponsorship page and Donations page to find out more about how your gift can benefit FHC

Volunteers and Mission Teams

FHC benefits greatly from the volunteer work of photographers, builders, teachers, medical professionals and anyone with a heart for our precious children.  We regularly accept volunteers for both short- and long-term periods at our Homes in Quito and Latacunga.  Come by yourself or bring a team down from your local church or form your own team of family, friends, or associates.

FHC is also blessed with the skills, time and advocacy of individuals in North America and Europe.  If you have a skill such as graphic design, videography or marketing expertise, or if you want to support FHC through an information session or fundraiser at your home, church or school – we’d love to hear from you!


Finally, For His Children places a high value on prayer. We believe in the power of prayer and God’s promise to hear and respond to the prayers of believers.

Pray for the improved health of the children with special needs and good health for all FHC children and staff.  Pray for adoptive families for our children and successful family reunifications for those children who return to their birth families.  Pray for wisdom and direction for those in leadership positions, at FHC and within the Ecuadorian and adoptive-country adoption agencies and governments.  Join us in giving thanks to God for our wonderful, dedicated caregivers, staff and volunteers, and the Forever Families we are always seeing created.  We are truly grateful for your prayers!

There are so many ways to be involved. We need you! Email us or explore the website to learn more about how you can be a part of the amazing ministry of For His Children.